Mar 25, 2023

The Role of Cloud Computing in Artificial Intelligence

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the-role of-cloud-computing-in-artificial-intelligence

As far as cloud computing is concerned, mentions of it started in the late 1990s. However, modern-day cloud computing was first created by Amazon in 2006.

If business owners start applying the concept of cloud computing, they can achieve many heights, and it should be one of their top priorities. By 2025, it is expected that every business will have implemented cloud computing.

Cloud computing and AI combined are doing wonders for the business and technology world. With the combination of these two, the world can rapidly develop. This article will look at the dependency of AI and cloud computing on each other.

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, cloud computing is the process of providing on-demand computing services. That includes servers, databases, software, storage, and much more. With cloud computing, you’re basically only paying for your services. It lowers your overall cost of operating and running infrastructure.

Relationship between AI and Cloud Computing

Many people believe that Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing are a thing belonging to the future. However, that’s not entirely true. Everyone who owns a phone is automatically connected to the cloud. So there’s the use of cloud computing.

But, you might be wondering, how does artificial intelligence come into play? Well, chances are, you’ve been using AI all along, and you haven’t realized it. That is because AI is mostly used for behavioral patterns, so typically, only its results go noticed.

Implementation of Cloud Computing and AI

The use of AI and cloud computing can increase the efficiency and productivity of any activity. There are many practical implementations of these two technologies all around us. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Apple used cloud computing and AI to create Siri
  • Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Alexa is a virtual assistant that Amazon owns
  • Google has a virtual assistant called Google Assistant

Benefits of AI and Cloud Computing Relationship

The benefits of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing will be looked at in this section:

Fast Development

For businesses, AI and cloud computing ensure that products are developed rapidly, and the process is efficient and productive. It leaves room for little to no errors in the development process and makes sure the product is delivered on time to the customers, which is precisely what they prefer.

Improvement in DevOps

DevOps is basically a combination of software development and IT. This combination allows an organization to deliver its services at a faster pace. This approach can be implemented in nearly any field or company.

With the help of cloud computing, cloud providers such as Oracle, IBM, Azure, and others can provide complex and extensive platforms. These platforms include data science, API, and machine learning platforms. All of these can be accessed with a single click!

Many other data science platforms that teach AI API are also available on cloud servers. It’s no doubt that these services will enrich the field of AI with many new talents!

Simplified Use of Cloud Computing

Due to the automation that AI provides, the use of cloud computing is much more simplified. That is because the smart automation of AI performs actions and tasks using pre-established algorithms. Since all of the algorithms are previously set, it makes those tasks more specific and more accessible.

When a specific business decides to connect to the cloud, it can give a set of data that the AI will then recognize patterns and trends amongst them. It not only eliminates any error that a human might make but also raises the data analysis to a whole new level.


The most appealing factor of using AI with cloud computing is the significant decrease in its cost. Using the cloud models, you only need to purchase the cloud’s storage space rather than spend money on infrastructure development.

Another thing that goes into this is that with the combination of cloud computing and AI, you can make solutions that fit every individual’s needs. If this were done on a traditional infrastructure, the cost would be so high, but the costs are significantly reduced with cloud and AI.

Increase in Awareness

You might be wondering about how cloud computing increases the awareness of AI. Since the hype around AI is currently new in businesses and the overall population, there are not many who know a lot about the topic.

Thanks to cloud computing, the awareness about AI and its knowledge is starting to spread like wildfire. People are beginning to understand exactly what AI is and how big of a role it can play in our lives in the future.

Rise of Virtual Assistants

With the help of cloud computing, companies can begin to develop more advanced automated chatbots and virtual assistants. Although this concept already exists in many e-commerce stores, it is far from perfection.

While some organizations use physical robots to respond to customer needs, if their system was solely based on the cloud, it could be easier for a consumer to access. That is an aspect which will undoubtedly improve in the upcoming years.

Summing Up

Many people predict the use of AI and cloud computing differently. Their analysis of this varies according to its use. But, one thing is for sure: cloud computing plays a vital role in shaping Artificial Intelligence into what it is and will be. Additionally, the offline use of artificial intelligence will increase its use considerably because it will be available for all countries, even where the signals and internet aren’t so strong. Different types of cloud computing will affect artificial intelligence differently, and it’s something to look forward to!

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